staryu (staryu) wrote in pap_et_haute,

jean paul gaultier

o..pu..lence. is it too early to look back fondly? i don't care.. 2002 seemed like ages ago.

it reminded me of lacroix for a second but maybe it's just maria carla's face.

hanneloooore!! reminds me of the dancer collection that galliano would make..hmmm

dramatic but wearable.

THE WARRIOR BRIDE. best. wedding. dress. everrr.

this is couture at its best. prohibitively expensive, unattainable ideals. characters with fantastical lives.
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I have always been fond of Jean Paul Gaultier. Yes, his RTW collections sometimes becomes a bit unpleasing but his couture throughly compensates.
I thoroughly agree. His couture collections are the only ones I really look forward to, anymore.
that wedding dress is absolutly amazing!!!
I've finally found a reason to get married.
marry a girl in Europe so there can be two reasons for everyone to go to it....
i didnt like that one, roitfeld edited it for him

the monocle is perhaps the only thing i somewhat like up there